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Media Startup Community Migration


A media startup in Germany had built a community of over 40,000 members on Facebook, but was facing problems due to Facebook's rules and limitations.


The CEO wanted to create their own platform that could be customized to their needs, while also expanding the internal organization with new skills and resources to build and maintain the platform.

The CEO engaged us as strategic advisors to develop a comprehensive plan for the platform and the necessary resources to support it. We recommended starting with an MVP that would include the same functionality as Facebook groups, which the organization and its community were already familiar with. In parallel, we recruited a community manager with experience in media and migrating Facebook communities to other platforms, who would lead the migration of the existing community to the new platform. We worked with three independent suppliers to develop an MVP with the same functionality as Facebook groups. We also successfully recruited a community manager with experience in Facebook group migrations.


Together, we were able to transfer over 85% of the 40,000 community members from Facebook to the new media platform, with the remaining 15% consisting mostly of inactive members. The new platform has allowed the media startup to have more control over their community and create a better user experience.

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