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Ad-Tech Startup Expansion to Europe


A startup with AI technology designed to revolutionize display ads was struggling to expand into the European market. The sales team was based in Asia and was facing challenges in acquiring and retaining customers. This was largely due to the fact that big enterprises operate globally but act locally, presenting a major obstacle for the CEO.


To address these challenges, we collaborated with the CEO to establish local sales offices across Europe. Additionally, we advised the CEO to invest in a partner sales channel, which we anticipated would account for more than 70% of all sales. By partnering with established companies that were already working with the client, we were able to tap into their existing networks and secure more sales, especially given that these partners had responsibility over the client's display ad spend. Our team developed a comprehensive go-to-market strategy and successfully implemented it in Europe.


We recruited and trained a team of highly skilled sales representatives to help the company acquire new clients and close valuable partnerships. As a result, we were able to secure several partnerships with clients whose average display ad spend was €150,000 per month per campaign.

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